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Tae Kwon Do, North Lakes 7-17yrs


Bai Rui Tae Kwon Do
190 Bounty Boulevard, North Lakes QLD 4509

- Monday and Wednesday 6:30 to 8:00pm
- Ages 7-17
- $50 for 4 class pass, free uniform included
- All skill levels welcome
- When booking, please select your first arrival date, the remaining classes will be worked out on arrival.

ActivityBook Proudly presents the 4 class pass by Bai Rui TKD. Bai Rui is one of the leading Tae Kwon Do institutions in the country, with over 40 locations and access to national level events and competitions.

Our program is designed for all ages and skill levels. Students will be sectioned into their skill level rather than age group during class, this ensures that our curriculum is tailored to support your child's development. Our motto is 'the more senior (in the art) you become, the more humble you become in the service of others'.

So join us today through ActivityBook, and secure your child's place!

Rules and requirements

- Please wear comfortable casual clothing, and bring a towel and water bottle

Cancellation policy & discount

Cancellation policy: Flexible

Other specifications

  • 5 to 11 : Selected
  • 12 and over : Selected
  • Staff training completed : First aid
Lance B.


Bai Rui Tae Kwon Do is one of Australia's largest and most prestigious ITF Tae Kwon Do schools. We have clubs across South East Queensland as well as in Canberra and Melbourne. Classes are designed for all ages, and even have specialist 'Taekindy' classes catering for children from 4 to 6 years old. At Bai Rui, we teach students not only fitness and self defence, but the traditional techniques, and history of Tae Kwon Do. For those looking to push themselves, there is specialised training run by senior instructors during the year. As well as a fitness and sparring training squad every Saturday. Also, Bai Rui runs two of the largest martial arts tournaments in the country every year as well as sending teams to a number of other tournaments, giving all students an opportunity to compete at the highest level. There is an emphasis on family within the Bai Rui clubs, and our classes provide one of the few environments where entire families can participate together as we do not separate the classes by age. Bai Rui has a dedicated and highly trained selection of instructors in our clubs. Seniors within the school regularly update their skills under our Chief Instructor (7th Dan Master Donal Byrne and other seniors) at black belt classes, courses, and a once yearly black belt camp. All of this is designed to provide our junior students with the best instruction possible. Our motto is -'the more senior (in the art) you become, the more humble you become in the service of others'.

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