About us

At Activity Book, we’re dedicated parents trying to remove some of the stress associated with being a parent.

We’ve panicked in the weeks leading up to school holidays.

“Aaargh! What are we going to do with the kids?! We can’t take any more leave ourselves and need to find something for them to do! But what should they do! What’s near us?! Who still has available spots?! HELP!”

We’ve gone through the tedious, archaic process of trying to book regular, term-time activities for our kids.

“I tried ringing them but there was no answer. Then I emailed and eventually got an answer and after 7 emails backwards and forwards over 8 days, they found spots for the kids. After that they emailed me a form to print out, fill in, scan and email back. I did that but didn’t get the confirmation email from them so couldn’t start the payment process…I DON’T HAVE TIME FOR THIS!”

We’ve nervously taken a punt on new classes without really knowing what we’re in for.

“The kids want to do tennis lessons but I have no idea where good ones are near me.”

Parenting is hard enough without these unnecessary stresses.


Enter Activity Book. Easily find, review, book and pay for your children’s activities online.